Personal Tax Return for $150 or less

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We Specialize in the following tax returns:

  • Individual Returns  including Schedules A, C, D, & E
  • Small Business Returns (Schedule C)
  • Rental Properties
  • Small S-Corps with less then $200,000 in gross receipts
  • Returns for Ministers
  • Returns for Military Personnel
  • Returns for Senior Citizens

Preparing for your Appointment
When coming to your first appointment please bring the following documents with you.

  • Photo ID for you and your spouse
  • Social Security Cards for everyone listed on your return
  • Prior Years Tax Returns
  • W-2, & 1099 Wage Statements
  • If you cashed in any stocks, bonds then please bring all pages of your brokerage statements
  • 1098 from your mortgage company
  • Statements to include name, address and tax ID number for everyone you paid to care for your child(ren) while at work or school
  • 1098 T form for your college age children
  • Charitable Donation Receipts
  • Proof of residency for any children you are claiming on your return.  
You can prove residency with any of the following documents.
  1. If your child lived with you at the address shown on your notice, you need to send a document showing your child lived at that same address for more than half the tax year. For example: you could send copies of school records for your child that have your name and show the child's address. The dates on the document must be for more than half the tax year (for school records you may need more than one semester to show more than half the year).
  2. If you moved and you and your child lived at another address, you must send documents showing the same address for both of you for more than half the tax year.
  3. If your child didn't go to school, you can send in copies of medical records or a statement from a daycare provider.
  4. If you need to get a statement from your child's school, daycare or medical care provider, you find templates for your child's school here or their healthcare provider here. Your school or provider can copy and paste the template to their letterhead to make sure all the required information is provided.
Businesses Documents
While our personal tax return fees are only $150 we do charge a little more for a Self Employed Business and Rental Property so please call to get a quote.

For business returns we ask that you prepare for your appointment with us by providing what is called a profit and loss statement.  This does not need to be fancy it can be done on a piece of paper where it clearly states how much income you received.  Then how much you spent to operate your business.  These expenses can include

  • advertising, 
  • office supplies, 
  • supplies that you used to complete the work you sold (COGS), 
  • rent you paid for a facility outside of your home, 
  • automobile expenses, 
  • utilities, 
  • wages you paid to individuals and sub-contractors, etc.  
Please call our office if you have any questions or need a sample worksheet to assist you in creating a profit and loss statement.  We will be glad to assist you in creating a profit and loss statement on an hourly basis.

Please note that the IRS requires you to prove your expenses in an audit so while you need to keep all receipts we do not need to see them if you provide us an accurate profit and loss statement. 

Bank Statements may not stand up in an audit so please save all of your receipts. They do not meet all of the requirements that the IRS asks to prove for the business expense. The expenses must be  "Ordinary & Necessary for your business" you need to show business purpose, what was purchased, dollar amount, who you purchased from and the date of purchase.
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